Thursday, 28 August 2014

Something for the Weekend...

Tall Ships

Falmouth is welcoming over 47 sail training vessels from around the world, including 12 of the magnificent and mighty square-rigged Tall Ships. the ships will be open to the public for a unique opportunity to explore on deck and learn about life on board these giants of the sea. The whole town will be involved in a packed programme of shore side activities and live music from 11.00am to 11.00pm daily. The ships will leave Falmouth in a spectacular Parade of Sail to the start line off Falmouth Bay on Sunday 31 August, from 11.00am to 2.00pm.The large square-rigged vessels will be berthed at Queen’s Wharf in Falmouth Docks and will be open to the public until 30 August. On 31 August they will take part in a magnificent Parade of Sail along the coast in Falmouth Bay. They will then race up the English Channel to the finishing line off the Isle of Wight, then sailing in company to Greenwich, London.

                                           The Big Produce Market

The Big Produce Market takes place on Truro's Lemon Quay with 50 of Cornwall's most exciting food producers and street food stalls along with cooking demos from some of the County’s top chefs.With Cornwall's flourishing food and drink industry gaining national attention, Truro's Big Produce Market will offer a mix of mouth watering food to buy and eat featuring some of the County’s award winning favourites along with many newcomers to the industry. You can expect to see a huge variety and choice of high quality produce in a relaxed, continental atmosphere.

To compliment the food on offer, entertainment, delicious market lunches and chef demo's will run throughout the two days. Bill Lugg, of Truro Farmers Market, says,’ It’s going to be another great event, showcasing a wealth of talented chefs and a unique  gathering of some of the best artisan producers in the county’.

New Album Releases

Looking to indulge your other senses? Then get excited to wrap your ears around forthcoming albums from these icons. Prince is set to release two new albums Art Official Age and Plectrum Electrum on the same day - the “Kiss” singer will drop his own new effort Art Official Age on 29 September while simultaneously releasing Plectrum Electrum. The tracklist for his solo album has been shared with fans and will include songs such as “Clouds”, “The Gold Standard” and “Breakfast Can Wait”. An “aggressive and menacing” rap song featuring Rita Ora is also expected.

The album has been described as “classic Prince” as it has been composed, produced and performed by the musician himself.

Meanwhile, David Bowie releases The Sound+Vision 4 cd boxset on September 22nd covering his career from 1969 to 1994 starting with the acoustic demo version of his first hit, Space Oddity to the return to his Bromley roots for the soundtrack to Hanif Kureishi’s The Buddha Of Suburbia which is often cited as the most underrated piece in the Bowie canon.

Sound+Vision also documents Bowie’s ever-onward work aesthetic. From Dylan inspired folkie (The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud) to the hard-rocking hero of grunge legends Nirvana (‘The Man Who Sold The World’); from Glam Rock superstar (Ziggy Stardust) to white soul pioneer (Young Americans); electronica trailblazer (Warszawa) to first New Romantic (Ashes To Ashes); stadium filling star (Modern Love) to high endurance 90s legend (Jump They Say). He’s been there – and back again - often before anyone else has.

Gogmagog v Corin the Intergalactic Giant Slayer

What happens when you take an ancient Cornish myth, spice it up with an eclectic mix of space-age ingredients and serve it inside a medieval rocket-ship arena? This is ‘Gogmagog’ - a futuristic re-telling of an ancient Cornish creation myth that will transport you to a whole new world of epic, immersive theatre.
Tracing their roots back to the siege of Troy, the Pirates of the Dream Goddess have crash-landed their gleaming spacecraft in Kernow. Heading up this press-gang of cosmic-smugglers is Cap’n Brutus. He is rounding-up a bunch of unsuspecting refugees to help him make his dream come true; before you know it we will all be sailing off through space-time to colonise an uncharted planet. But, defending the New World against all incomers is that most fearsome of all legendary giants; Gogmagog.
Where amongst us is the hero who might challenge this alien monster to a Cornish Wrestling bout and fulfill the ancient prophecy? Step up Corin, the Intergalactic Giant-Slayer! Golden Tree Productions, the makers of ‘Kernocopia’ and ‘Seize the Day’, promise us an extraordinary collision of ancient and contemporary Cornish culture. As in a medieval ‘Plen an Gwari’ amphitheatre, the set, staging and performers surround the audience, immersing them in the action.


From La Femme Nikita and The Professional to The Fifth Element, writer/director Luc Besson has created some of the toughest, most memorable female action heroes in cinematic history. Now, Besson directs Scarlett Johansson in Lucy, an action-thriller that tracks a woman accidentally caught in a dark deal who turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.
Click here for multiple screenings across the weekend.
Of course a staple part of any weekend, includes the Bowgie, so make sure you head over and indulge in some traditional pub grub and great company.
Stay tuned for our Ale Fest highlights!

Live, Love, Laugh at The Bowgie.

Crantock's Craziest Fund-raising Event is Back!!

The Bowgie Inn is proud to be one of the local businesses sponsoring The BIG Bale Push on September 12, 2014 at Crantock Village. But what exactly is this event and how did it start?

Well, it all started at the turn of the century when some enterprising folk from Crantock decided to raise money for a new village hall. They wanted to organise an event that would involve the whole community, and after giving it some thought, one of them, a local farmer called Chris Eustice, came up with the idea of a Bale Push. That is how the BIG Bale Push 2000 was born and it has gone from strength to strength ever since.

So what exactly does it involve? Well, teams of four have to push a BIG straw bale – standing 4’6” and weighing 42 ibs – around Crantock. Of course, it’s a fun event to watch as a spectator and you are guaranteed a laugh. However, if you’d like to take part, have some fun and at the same time raise money for local charities, here’s what you need to know.

You’ll have to get together a team of four and enter one of the following categories:

Under 9s, Under 13s, Veterans (a team with a minimum of 180 years of age in total) or The Open.

By the way, for the children’s race a specially prepared bale is used.

The organisers want everybody to have a lot of fun, but obviously safety is paramount as bales are very heavy. Marshalls will of course be on hand to monitor the event. However, it is particularly important that children are properly supervised and that they do not try to race the bales, as road areas can be particularly dangerous, especially the area down Beach Road towards Poor House Lane. 

The course is clearly marked for each class and you can register on the day at the start line or contact the Bale Push Organisers.

There is also plenty of parking available and entry fees are as follows:

Age Group
8 & under
12 & under
16 & under
180’s Veteran
The Open

Approximate push off times:

Age Group
8 & under
5:30 pm
12 & under
6:00 pm
16 & under
6:30 pm
7:00 pm
180’s Veteran
7:30 pm
The Open
8:00 pm

So come along, have some fun and raise some money for local charities, whether you are taking part or just spectating, we dare you not to have fun!!

Stay tuned for our Ale Fest highlights and head to our Facebook page to share your pics from the event.

Live, Love, Laugh at The Bowgie

Saturday, 23 August 2014

10 Reasons Why The BOWGIE ALE FESTIVAL is the ONLY Place to be this Weekend...

1. Live Music!

Yes, that's right, if you missed out on festival season this Summer, just check out the live acts we've got lined up for you above...

2. We'll have over 40 of the UK's FINEST Ales and Ciders, from both local and further afield breweries to tickle your taste buds. 

3. No Festival in Cornwall is complete without traditional pasties, so once you've overindulged in the plethora of tipples, you can tuck onto a tasty treat and soak up the excess!

4. We're in one of Cornwall's most breathtaking say we're lucky is an understatement.

Just check out this view...

5. We'll be raising money for Cornwall Hospice Care! Not only will Sally Pickles, Owner and Manager be heading up Mount Kilimanjaro in September for the Charity, but we'll be raising money at The Bowgie Ale Festival for CHC through souvenirs sold.

6. We've got a jam-packed menu full of mouthwatering food to satisfy even the biggest appetites, plus special offers on steaks - what's not to love?

7. Our friendly bar staff! Even if you've had a bad day, they'll cheer you up with an award-winning smile like Jaimie...

8. Making memories - whether it's with family, friends, watching a band or soaking up a view for your memory bank, the Bowgie's where they're made!

9. The surf! Crantock Bay is the perfect location to catch some waves....our recommendation?

After hitting the water, head over to the Bowgie for some beers, live music and an epic night with friends!

10. The Atmosphere.

If we had to sum it up in one word, it would be electric. Bowgie isn't just unique on the outside (famous pink pub),  its laid back vibes mixed with a sprinkling of magic and a dash of the ultimate company, make it something truly quite special...

Live, Love, Laugh at The Bowgie

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Another Reason to Celebrate....

Here at The Bowgie, we've raised a fantastic £283 for K9 Crusaders!

Sally Pickles, Owner and Manager with Mini

Cornwall is a beautiful part of the country with so many coastal paths and country walks, and this is what makes it such a wonderful place for dog lovers.  

Here at The Bowgie Inn we always attract a lot of dog walkers on account of our beautiful location, Situated on the West Pentire Headland, The Bowgie boasts breathtaking views of the coast, which our customers can enjoy after a coastal walk while tucking into our delicious pub grub. And they can do this in the company of their four-legged friends.

Whilst we ask that dogs do not enter the pub itself, we are more than delighted to welcome them in the Beer Garden where customers can enjoy the views, the fresh sea breeze and the excellent food, while their canine companions can get a bowl of water and a Bonio or two as a treat.


And we know at The Bowgie just how important our canine friends are, which is why we offer Bonios at the bar, with all the proceeds going to Cornish charity K9 Crusaders.

Based in Bissoe Truro, K9 Crusaders are one of the only rescue centres in Cornwall who do not have paid staff. In fact everyone at K9 is a volunteer, with every penny raised going to the vital care of the dogs, dealing with a wide range of issues relating to the animals, from rescue and rehoming, to behavioural support and advice on many aspects of dog husbandry. 

So take a tip from us and enjoy a summer walk to The Bowgie with your canine friend. Spend some quality time with him (or her) overlooking the sea and the stunning Crantock Beach. We have so much to offer, from our Ale Festival, live music, great offers, and, of course, our delicious food. There’s something for everyone – including dog lovers. 

And don’t forget, you can give your dog a treat too by grabbing a Bonio at the bar – and at the same time you can help us raise more money for K9 Crusaders.

Thanks to everyone who helped us raise the money!

Live, Love, Laugh at The Bowgie

Thursday, 14 August 2014

The band with a lot of COOL and licensed to excite headline our Ale Fest...

There is a magic surrounding Cool As **** that is rare to find in a pub band.  The quality of the sound, the camaraderie on stage and the rapport with the audience far exceeds what you would expect to stumble upon in a pub bar in Cornwall: close your eyes and you could be at a stadium listening to the real thing!!!!

Cool As **** consists of four COOL GUYS: Les, Lee, Keith and Simon, who first got together in 2012, having met at The Bowgie Inn’s Famous Jam Session which is hosted by Gerry Gillard every Thursday and is known as The Melting Pot.

Les (bass guitarist and vocals) came to the Bowgie Jam Sessions and played regularly with his former band who were already a well-loved presence at the pub.

He soon teamed up with Lee (drums and vocals), who had similarly attended the jam most weeks, playing with musicians who visit from far and wide. Like all drummers, he’s surely the coolest member of the band, living the Cornish dream - surfing every day!

Keith (vocals, lead guitar) is a seasoned ex-professional musician, who has been on the national and local music scene for many years. As an ambassador for live music, he co-ordinates events, music festivals and concerts etc., and is another regular attendee of the Thursday Jam session, enjoying late night coffees, as well as rock, blues and funk vibes.

The fourth band member Simon, an exceptionally talented keyboard player, with vocals that will make you think you’re in the Deep South, always wears a big smile, with a personality larger than life: a petrol head, car guru the ultimate heart throb.  

On one particular night these four guys got up to jam together, resulting in several of the assembled musicians remarking: “You sound like a band!”  

And the rest, as they say, is history.

With their common partiality to Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Wonder, Golden Earring, Wild Cherry, Doobie Brothers and ZZ Top etc., their continued popularity pulls a crowd at live music venues around the county.

Another great thing about this band is that you can see them perform this August Bank Holiday!

Cool As **** will be headlining The Ale Festival at The Bowgie Inn this August Bank Holiday on Saturday 23 August, from 8pm.  With 40 Ales and Ciders to choose from, local pasties and great company at a great location, the Festival will run all weekend from 22 – 25 August, opening at 12pm each day, with acoustic acts and bands in the afternoon too! Last but not least, we will be raising money for Cornwall Hospice Care.

So come on down and help raise money for our local hospice and try some fantastic Real Ales and Ciders!!!

Live, Love, Laugh at The Bowgie

Monday, 11 August 2014

Local Musician Murray Gould to SHINE at the Bowgie!

When you’ve played with the likes of Elton John, Eric Clapton, Shirley Bassey and toured with The Wanted, you’d be forgiven for forgetting your roots, but not local musician Murray Gould.
After a twelve month whirlwind, and having shared stages in the past with the likes of Brian May, Alice Cooper, Paul Weller, Alfie Boe, Deep Purple and even Elvis Presley, to name a few, Murray Gould and his band Shine will be coming home to headline The Bowgie Inn’s Ale Festival in the August bank Holiday weekend.

The occasion doesn’t just mark the huge celebration that brings together the UK’s finest Ales, live music, tasty food and summer fun for all, it also marks the first performance from Shine in over a year. Due to illness in the band as well as some milestone birthdays, making this performance is set to be even more special.

So what can you expect? With covers from all your favourites, from Reef, Abba, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon, Michael Jackson, The Who and Queens of the Stone Age, plus many more, this really is a band which caters to the masses. Covering all genres and generations, Shine will, well, shine at The Bowgie and do what every good festival should, bring people together.

Shine will be playing on the evening of Sunday August 24th, with the band due to start at 8pm. 

Other acts taking to the stage will be Idle Hands, The Prevention, Josh Curnow, Cool as ****, Country Mark, 4 Shades of Grey, Tumbao and Black Velvet. With over 30 Ales and Ciders to try, including Hooky Bitter, Cheddar Gorge Best and Cotswold Spring Codger, and tasty pasties to soak it all up, it’s what Bank Holidays were made for. 

Check for details at or phone on 01637 830363.

Live, Love, Laugh at The Bowgie

Friday, 8 August 2014

The Truth is Out There...

Now it's been confirmed that Newquay Airport is one of eight sites shortlisted to be Britain's first spaceport, it's got us thinking about what extra terrestrial life might be out there. 
Due to open in 2018 the airport will be used to launch tourists and commercial satellites into space, a move designed to take advantage of the anticipated burgeoning space tourism industry, which in turn will create thousands of jobs.
Since Aviation Minister Robert Goodwill made the announcement, NASA have come forward with some major Earth-changing news.
During a conference in Washington D.C. the space agency narrowed the timeline for finding extraterrestrial existence down from “within our lifetimes” to “in the next 20 years.”
Adding “I think in the next 20 years we will find out if we are not alone in the universe,” NASA Astronomer Kevin Hand.

NASA plans to use ground-based and space-based telescopes like the Hubble Space Telescope, the Spitzer Space Telescope, the Kepler Space Telescope — which has discovered more than 700 new planets this year — and NASA’s next generation James Webb Space Telescope to find signs of something, anything, out there. 

As the UK establishes itself in the human spaceflight arena, "build it and they will come", was the message from the UK Space Agency, but just who might "they" be?

For now, we’ll let this spark your imagination and inspire your curiosity, but next time you're at the Bowgie enjoying Saturday Steak Night or the August Ale Festival, you might look up at the sky and wander just who and what, may exist beyond the stars!

Live, Love, Laugh at The Bowgie

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

August is Hotting Up at The Bowgie Inn this Summer

Summer at our famous pink pub here on the West Pentire Headland, Crantock, is hotting up to be the best yet and we’re not just talking about the weather.

Throughout the entire month of August, we're playing host to a live music act every night, from Blues, Funk and Rock bands, to acoustic duos strumming laid back vibes which will be felt right across the Bay.

Our Saturday Steak Night continues with a special offer for two Sirloin Steaks plus a bottle of Red or White Wine of the week, all for just £30. Alternatively, there is an 8oz Rump Steak with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, peas and fries for a modest £10.50. Enough to satisfy even those with the biggest appetites.

August also marks the final Bank Holiday of the summer season, and with that comes the biggest weekend of the year. Here at The Bowgie we'll be welcoming back our annual Ale Festival with a line-up of the best ales and ciders from Cornwall and across the UK. With over 30 tipples to try including Hooky Bitter, Cheddar Gorge Best and Cotswold Spring Codger, not forgetting the tasty local pasties to soak it all up with, you’d be forgiven for feeling slightly smug for having it in your social calendar! 
Catering for all, The Bowgie Ale Festival has got plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained, with face-painting, transfer tattoos and plenty of outdoor space.

Souvenirs for sale will raise money towards Cornwall Hospice Care, who will also be benefiting from Owner and Manager Sally Pickles’s trek to Mount Kilimanjaro in September. Find out how you can get involved at The Bowgie.

If you prefer a quieter life and the temperamental August weather allows it, take a leisurely stroll along the coastline and absorb the breathtaking views from the Bowgie and surrounding area.

“The views we enjoy along West Pentire never cease to amaze people, and they often take to our Facebook page to share their photos” said Sally. 
Even if the weather does waver, one thing is certain, there’s no August like a Bowgie August, and you’re all invited...

Bowgie Ale Festival 22 - 25th August 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Happy August Everyone from The Bowgie!

Incase you haven't heard, here at The Bowgie Inn we have a Summer packed full of live music.

Every night throughout August, we'll be hosting a live act with everything from Kinetic Acoustic to Cool As ****. There's really nowhere better to enjoy the Summer vibes and the fun doesn't stop there.

Our annual Ale Festival returns over the Bank Holiday, with more Ales than you can shake a stick at and lets not forget a traditional Cornish Pasty to soak up any overindulgence!

Here's a list of the Ales you can expect to find:

- Harbour Light Ale

- Wadworth Henrys IPA

- Fullers Summer Ale

- St Austell Liquid Sunshine

- Greene King Carnival

- Festival Beer Name TBC

- Moor Beer Co Nor Hop

- Bath Gem

- Hanlons Copper Glow

- Hopback Taiphoon

- Black Country BFG

- Portobello Star

- Forge Litehouse

- Quantock Wills Neck

- Arbor Ales Blue Sky Drinking

- St Austell Proper Job

- Morlands Old Speckled Hen

- Teignworthy Beachcomber

- Bristol Beer Factory Independence

- Hook Norton Old Hooky

- Box Steam Soul Train

- Tintagel Harbour Special

- Ringwood Fortyniner

- St Austell HSD

- RCH East Stret Cream

- Exmoor Stag

- Palmers Tally Ho

- Exmoor Beast

- Healeys Farmhouse

- Somerset Snuffler

- Sandford Devon Scrumpy

- Orchard Pig Naval Gazer

- Cornish Orchards Pear

- Westons Raspberry twist

- Sandford Strawberry Lane

August is looking AWESOME at The Bowgie.

Live, Love, Laugh at The Bowgie!