Monday, 29 December 2014

Swinging New Year's Eve

On the 31st December, join us for a seriously groovy New Years Eve Party with live music from Not the Beatles! 

Get in the swing of things  (the sixties swing of course) and come on down to The Bowgie Inn, Crantock as we say ‘Hello Goodbye’ to the new year and the old one.

Not The Beatles will be belting out all the Beatles classics and you’ll be twisting and shouting to your hearts content in no time.

60s fancy dress is optional but we encourage you to channel your inner Sgt Pepper, Twiggy or Mary Quant as it’s always better that way! A bit of psychedelic printed nylon, a dash of flower power and a wig seems to get everyone in the party spirit… and as it’s the last party of 2014, you might as well give it 100%  ‘and let it be’

‘Money can’t buy me love’ but it can buy entry after 10pm for £10; all of which goes to Cornwall Hospice Care.

It’s free before 10, but to guarantee entry and a glass of bubbly at midnight, Hop on over to our facebook page to join our VIP Guestlist. Far out man!

So ‘Come Together’ and start planning your 60s outfit for the Bowgie’s New Year’s Party 2014 - it’s gonna be a ‘Hard Days Night’.

‘Help’ we just can’t stop dropping Beatles song titles…

Saturday, 27 December 2014

What a Year!

During those seven days between Christmas and New Year everyone starts to feel a little nostalgic and at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock, we’re no exception.

As we eat the last of the Christmas chocolates from the tin we feel all warm and fuzzy as we remember the good times from the year just gone.

We’ve pulled pints through heat waves, down pours and gales. We’ve dished up dinners through the world cup, the rugby, the tennis and the grand prix.
We’ve watched the poppies on the headland and the longboard championship in the bay. 
We’ve raised money for Cornwall Hospice Care, Macmillan and K9 Crusaders to mention a few.
There have been so many laughs at our special nights - from our recent James Bond Night to our Friday Night Revisited.
Yep, 2014 has been one brilliant year alright - and there’s even been appearances from a lightning jet, a bale push and even one of the worlds largest mountains, kilimanjaro.

Top it all off with more live music than you can shake a stick at and you’ll have to agree that this year will take some beating.

So as the last few hours tick by and the sun sets on the last day of 2014 we’d like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2015!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Boxing Day Jam

As it's Christmas Eve, you have probably noticed that Christmas Day this year falls on a Thursday and we’re only opening 12-2pm.

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘WHAT!!! THAT MEANS NO JAM NIGHT!’

Before you rush on mass to the Houses of Parliament waiving placards, petitions and pitchforks demanding they change the date of christmas so it doesn’t clash with The Melting Pot Jam Night at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock, just wait a moment.

We have already thought things through. 
We’ve moved Jam Night to Boxing Day instead.
Did you really think we’d let something like Christmas get in the way of our much loved Jam session?
Plus we think it will be even better on Boxing Day anyway. It means you can all turn up wearing your new Christmas socks and pants and if you were lucky enough to get a new guitar you can bring it along and try it out!

So join us for The Boxing Day Jam Night from 7 - 10 at The Bowgie, it’s going to be a good one!

Monday, 22 December 2014

How to Survive Christmas Day

Let us set the scene. It’s mid-morning on Christmas day.
If you have kids you’ve been up since the crack of dawn watching them opening presents and feigning surprise when they shriek at what’s inside. This is not an easy facade to maintain whilst eating cornflakes with the pungent aroma of boiling sprouts wafting up your nose. The noise is slowly pushing you closer to the edge and you know you have to endure a whole day of this… with the added challenge of coping with your in-laws.

If you don’t have kids you haven’t been up long. You are nursing a hangover and sitting on the sofa watching The Only Fools and Horses christmas special; not because you want to watch it, but because you can’t reach the remote control.You have the sticky mess of a half chewed coffee cream (does anyone like the coffee ones?!?) stuck on your cheek and you are feeling far from festive.  You know that within the next hour or so you have to get dressed and go to your brother in-laws for christmas dinner. You will have to endure the incessant noise of children whose names you can’t remember and eat the poor excuse for a christmas dinner you will inevitably be served. 

Sound familiar? If your Christmas is lacking a bit of cheer come to the Bowgie Inn Crantock from 12 - 2 on Christmas day where we’ll be pulling pints of the stuff!

So before the family arrive or before you knock the door of your host, plan a little detour to the Bowgie to enjoy a drink, a chat and a laugh with us before the mayhem they call ‘christmas’ continues.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Pull at the Bowgie

If you’re planning to come to the Bowgie to pull, you might be in luck.

We’re not talking about stealing a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe with a new acquaintance (although that might happen) we’re talking about the Bowgie Christmas Crackers!
Each Sunday during Advent we’ve been giving away a little treat with every turkey or veggie roast and this Sunday is no exception. 

This is an extra special cracker because it’s the last one and if you know us at all, you know that we like to make the fun last as long as possible. That's why we thought that a free £5 voucher that can be used between 5-9pm during January was the perfect treat for everyone who has a turkey or veggie roast this Sunday the 21st of December.

The free christmas pud went down a nicely, as did the free cider and mulled wine and we knew that something that would make the christmas spirit last well into the new year would give you all something to smile about!

So don’t miss your chance to pull the final Bowgie Christmas Cracker of 2014! Come along, order a roast and get your £5 voucher for January 2015... cracking!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Festive Opening Times

The best thing about Christmas is the presents. The second best thing is all the time off you get! So to help you plan how to best use your time away from work we thought we'd share our opening times with you. We know there are lots of family visits to squeeze in - for some reason you have to see people that you hardly know this time of year and the odd trip to a remote relative is compulsory. However the rest of the time is yours. Totally yours. So spend it doing something you'll enjoy and come to The Bowgie!

Join us to compare stories of christmas dinner disasters; show off your new christmas clothes and pose at the bar; avoid another turkey sandwich and bring the family for a bite to eat or get your mates together to see in 2015 in style.

Here are the dates and times to plan your other commitments around...

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day 

Boxing Day 

Saturday 27th December

Sunday 28th December

Monday 29th December 
11am - 10.30pm

Tuesday 30th December

NYE PARTY! - 31st

New Year's Day

Friday 2nd January

Saturday 3rd January
11am- 11pm

Sunday 4th January

So there you have it, plenty of time to eat drink and be merry this festive season at the Bowgie Inn, Crantock.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Another Sunday, another Bowgie Christmas Cracker!

According to the source of all knowledge (namely wikipedia) Tom Smith invented crackers in 1847.

little did he know that the gimmick he created to sell his bonbon sweets would become a must at every christmas dinner table in the land. Now at this point we want to make it clear that we are in no way undermining the greatness of crackers.  167 years ago we appreciate that anyone pulling a cracker would be filled with awe. they would hear a bang and receive a surprise - the likes of which they had never seen before.

Fast forward to Christmas 2014 and we have to say that the thought of receiving another pack of mini screwdrivers and waiting to hear the punchline of a truly terrible joke does not inspire awe. At all. (we like the hats though)

So this year at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock we have come up with our own version of Christmas Crackers.

On Advent Sundays throughout December we’re giving away a treat to rival the contents of any cracker when you order a turkey or veggie roast dinner with our Christmas Crackers Promotion.

On Sunday the 7th of December you enjoyed a free Christmas Pud and this Sunday the 14th of December you can choose either a mulled wine or cider on us 
And what’s in store on 21st December? We’ll keep that one a surprise. For now at least.

So enjoy a real Christmas Cracker that even Tom Smith himself would approve of with The Bowgie’s Christmas Crackers!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Star of the Christmas Play

This blog is for anyone that has ever attended a School Christmas Play.
You await the announcement of the parts with baited breath. The mothers on the playground are weighing up the competition for the lead roles with questions like ‘ Has little Johnny recovered after his virus last week? You don’t want him over doing it else he will be ill again for Christmas’. We all know that she is hoping little Johnny won’t be up to singing the solo because her son is the backup choice.

Anyway, despite the fierce competition and underhand tactics you still have your fingers crossed your child will get a lead role.

They don’t.

They get ‘Goat number 4’
Once the disappointment subsides you decide that this is going to be the best enactment of a goat anyone has ever seen… they even have to say ‘I’m a hungry goat’ so at least it’s a speaking part.
You set to work with needles, thread, fake fur, felt and wool and try to create the fantastic costume you have in your mind… after a few late nights in front of the sewing machine you decide that a brown jumper and stick on ears will have to do instead.

When the day comes you are too late to get a seat. As you stand at the back you strain to see your little goat, who has typically been stood behind a child dressed as a christmas tree so you only manage to catch a glimpse of them whenever the tree sways to the left.
They step up to read their line just as you bend down to your bag to switch off your phone that is ringing. Goat Number 4 delivers their line so fast that by the time you push silent and stand back up, it’s over.

Never mind. 

At the Bowgie Inn Crantock we know just how important your little star is (or should we say goat).

That's why our children’s menu is crammed with plenty of choices to fill up their tum post-performance. Be they a sausage or fish finger type of kid, we have the perfect option.

With food served all day weekends and between 11 and 3 and again from 5pm week days, there’s plenty of time to drop in for a pint, blackcurrant squash and a burger.

It’s also a good place to plan your strategy for getting the lead in next year’s play…

Friday, 5 December 2014

The Bowgie Christmas Crackers

At The Bowgie Inn, Crantock, we’re impatient.
we’re the kind of people who skip past the first few songs on our Christmas CD to get to our favourite track.
We’re the kind of people that open advent calendar doors earlier than your supposed to.
And yes, we are the kind of people who peel open a bit of wrapping paper to seek a peek at what’s inside.
We can’t help it. We just don’t see why you should have to wait to enjoy a treat. 
That’s why we aren’t waiting until Christmas Day to treat all our lovely Customers. On Advent Sundays throughout December you can enjoy a special little treat when you order a turkey or veggie roast dinner with our Christmas Crackers Promotion.

On Sunday the 7th of December you can enjoy free Christmas Pud!
On Sunday the 14th December you can choose either a mulled wine or cider on us 
And what’s in store on 21st December? We’ll keep that one a surprise. For now at least.

The Bowgie’s Christmas Crackers… because being impatient can be a good thing!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Jam Night Tomorrow!

Christmas Jam Night
Tomorrow Night it’s our Christmas Jam Night.

Melting Pot Jam Nights at the Bowgie Inn, Crantock, have become somewhat of an institution because of all the fantastic Musicians who join us and Gerry Gillard for a jam throughout the year. So we’d like to give a great big ‘festive fanks' (or ‘thestive thanks’ if you prefer) to those talented individuals who make the melting pot so special.

This Thursday’s Jam Night is going to have a christmas feel with a festive buffet and a free drink on arrival. It’s just the Bowgie’s way of saying Happy Christmas! Seasonal attire is optional but totally encouraged, so be a sport and dig out that santa tie and that reindeer jumper.

Jam Night is popular because all genres, all ages and all instruments are melted together to make for wonderfully laid back evening of music with something to get every toe tapping. All the professional equipment is provided including drums, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano, amps, PA and mics. so if you can strum a tune, hold a note, tinkle the ivories and so on,  get yourself down to the Bowgie and share your festive favourites in our jam session . Don’t worry if you’re not musical -there’s always lots of people who come to listen, drink, dance and be merry!

But musicians take note; We wish to make it known that if we don’t hear any Chris Rea tomorrow night we will be disappointed…we’re also secretly hoping for a spot of George Michael too, but Shhh, don’t tell anyone!