Monday 23 February 2015

You Mum is Nice so Bring her to The Bowgie

10 Reasons why Mums are Nice.

  1. They smell good.
  2. They give good cuddles.
  3. They have never found wiping your nose repulsive.
  4. They would always give you their last chocolate.
  5. They have always been easy to manipulate into buying you something.
  6. They control Dad so effectively he doesn’t even realise it.
  7. They think you are at your most beautiful/ handsome in you natural, un-groomed state.
  8. They gave you your good genes (dads are responsible for the rest)
  9. They have magical powers to sense when something is wrong.
  10. They swell with pride at even your most mediocre achievements.

We think you’ll agree that our list is pretty comprehensive. We also think you’ll agree that because of the reasons above, the old dear deserves a bit of a treat this Mother’s Day.

You could send her off to the Bahamas for a luxury spa retreat but she probably wouldn’t like that; it’s not really her ‘thing’. The only thing she wants is to spend time with you. That’s why you’ll be interested to hear our Mothering Sunday Offering.

For just £15 per person (£8.50 for the littlies) your Ma can enjoy a famous Bowgie roast of either beef, pork, turkey lamb or veggie followed by a delicious dessert of chocolate fudge cake, apple crumble, treacle tart, sherry trifle, bread and butter pudding (all mums like this for some reason) or cornish vanilla ice cream.

So bring your Madré, Mama, Ma, old dear, Mom, Mam or Mummy to The Bowgie Inn, Crantock on the 15th of March for Mothering Sunday.

Thursday 19 February 2015

Pie, Pint Pud and Jam Night

Every Thursday we are proud to introduce the Pie Pint Pud and Jam Night.
No, we don’t mean the strawberry variety. We mean the live music variety.

it’s a brilliant concept; our best yet. You come along anytime from 5pm and enjoy a pie pint and pudding for just £10….Then hang around for the live music jam session from 8pm.

Yep, now our Pie Pint Pud and Jam night is up and running the world seems a better place. It is almost as though we have been enlightened. THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT MY FRIENDS! Enjoying good things beginning with the letter P followed by good music.

You see, everyone likes a pie. Its the ultimate comforter and celebratory treat combined. You lost your job? Never mind, eat a pie. You’re getting married? Congratulations! Eat a pie. You can’t go wrong with a pie. But for the rare occasions when pie isn’t the answer, a pint,a pudding or some music will most certainly do the trick.

Wondering what pies are on the menu? Take a peek below:

Pies served with fries or new potatoes & vegSteak & MushroomSteak & KidneyLamb & VegetableChicken & SweetcornTurkey & HamFish pie (when available) with fries, salad & coleslaw
Cottage Pie with baked beans or peas Vegetarian Quorn Cottage pie with baked beans or peas
Puds with vanilla ice cream, custard or Cornish clotted cream

Treacle Tart
Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake
Apple Crumble
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Jam Sponge
Vanilla Ice Cream

ANY draught pint or a 175ml glass of wine
(Excludes Rattler Guinness san Miguel)

So our Pie, Pint, Pud and Jam Night has all bases covered. So come and see the light and eat the pie every Thursday from 5 at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock.

Monday 16 February 2015

Pancake Day

Pancakes are joyously round frisbees of happiness. Every year we see 'pancake day' on the calendar and we think 'oh yeah! I remember pancakes! I like those!'

 We see countless pancake recipes on day time TV shows oozing with sauce and dripping with maple syrup and quite frankly we can't imagine ever eating anything else ever again.Ever.

But once we've cracked a few eggs and scraped a few burnt bits of batter off the lightshade the novelty soon wears off. You never have the right fancy accompaniments in the cupboard and a tiny squirt of lemon juice just isn't quite the same. Plus can anyone remember when they bought that plastic squeezy lemon juice thing? I think it's been in the fridge since the millennium. 
Thankfully this Pancake Day the Bowgie Inn, Crantock have ensured that your pancake urge will be totally satisfied without the need for re-painting the kitchen ceiling.

From just £2.99 you can enjoy perfectly tossed pancakes topped with ice cream, sugar and lemon, chocolate sauce, maple syrup or strawberries and cream.

Then you can carry on with your life with a smile on your face until next pancake day. Don't kid yourself into thinking you'll eat them more often. We all do that. We eat a pancake and say ' these are so nice i'm going to make them all year round'. It won't happen. It will be another 365 days before the thought of eating a pancake enters your head again.

Friday 13 February 2015

Valentines Day

Here goes….
We’ve been trying to tell you this for a while now….
There is just something about you that we can’t get out of our head…
You give us butterflies…
You’re like sunshine on a cloudy day…
You’re the first thing we think of in the morning…
You’re the last thing we think of at night…
When you walk in the room our heart misses a beat…
You see…
We always have and we always will and that’s why we’re making Valentines Day Saturday the 14th February really special for you.

Our valentines menu  includes Three courses, coffee and a glass of bubbly for just £30.00 per couple.

From steak, to salmon to scampi to chicken tikka masala and veg kiev we have something to tempt everyone. Givers, Spoilers, Lovers, Feeders, call us what you will but we’re offering a choice of chocolate fudge cake, treacle tart and apple crumble because all we want to do is make you happy.

So go on, bathe in the joyous glow of love at The Bowgie Inn Crantock this Valentines Day. Your belly, your wallet and your other half will thank you for it.

Monday 9 February 2015

A Big Bond Thank you!

As you know from our recent bond night we LOVE JAMES BOND. It was this love that enabled us to raise £1120.50 for Cornwall Hospice Care.
But what is it about Bond that is so special?
For us, it has to be the Gadgets. The gadgets have always been amazeballs and without them it’s quite possible that Bond wouldn’t have made it out of the 60s. Take the ingenious seagull snorkel from Goldfinger for example.

The seventies were equally as impressive when it came to gadgets with  a magnetic watch and hairbrush transmitter making an appearance in Live and Let Die.

The 80s weren’t to be out-done with a fake crocodile craft in Octopussy and a rappelling Cummerbund in a Licence to kill.

The 90s saw Piers Brosnan sporting a pair of x-ray glasses and the 2000s didn’t disappoint with virtual reality simulators, mini pcs, ear pieces and underwater breathers.

Yep, the gadgets are good alright but there is something in this world far better than any Bond Gadget (even better than the jetpack) and that is the compassion, care and support given by everyone at Cornwall Hospice Care.

The £1120.50 that YOU helped us raise will be put to good use and will make a real difference to people living with life-limiting conditions in Cornwall. So all that’s left to say is a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the James Bond Night. You made a difference. Keep an eye out for other fun fundraising events at the Bowgie of the coming months.

Friday 6 February 2015

Romantic Steak Night

Ketchup is red
Steak can be blue
It's Steak Night at the Bowgie
We’ve got a table for you.

Ok so we might not be the most romantic poets around but our Saturday Steak Night has become legendary in these parts and we know you all love a steak.

We also know that choosing where to go on a date can be a difficult task.

Well,  look no further than The Bowgie. It’s the perfect place to woo any day of the week, but Saturday is extra special with the scent of steak in the air.

So lads, call her up (or text her if you prefer) and tell her you are bringing her to to Bowgie on Saturday Night.
You can chow down on a tasty bit of rump or sirloin and get stuck into a side of onion rings whilst sitting opposite you, your lady will be looking at you with doe-eyes thinking she is the luckiest girl alive. Little does she know you are using date night as a ruse to allow you to enjoy a steak with pepper sauce and a cheeky bit of garlic bread. Plus we show every sporting event imaginable on our 70 inch screens so date night is getting better and better.

Don't worry boys, we won't blow your cover. We understand how strong the carnal desire for red meat can be at times. If you like, you could offer her your grilled mushrooms. That will really convince her that you bought her to The Bowgie Inn Crantock because you love her and not just because you fancied a steak. With the romantic sea views she'll be none the wiser.

Choose between two sirloins and a bottle of house red or white for £30 or an 8 oz rump for £10.50 - which is usually £13.50! Brilliant! Everyone loves a cheap Date.

Tuesday 3 February 2015


You’ve heard of glam rock but those lycra catsuits and shiny platform boots have nothing on glamping. Glamping is perfect for those of you who want to camp in style. It’s the excitement of a sleeping bag with the added benefit of being able to watch netflix and straighten your hair in the morning.
So if glamping sounds like your thing then Hendra Holiday Park, Newquay could be the place for you! Their premium caravans have all the top of the range features and home comforts and you could even stay in a cute, cosy hendra pod which all the fun of camping with solid walls, heating and electricity! just bring your camping equipment and away you go! As The Bowgie Inn, Crantock is Hendra’s closest pub with sea views it’s no wonder we get to meet lots of the Hendra happy campers (or glampers!)Their entertainment, fun pools and facilities are truly fantastic; but don’t just take our word for it, click the link and see for yourself!