Wednesday, 30 July 2014

No Half Measures When it Comes to Fundraising Here at The Bowgie Inn

Here at The Bowgie Inn, we have long been supporters of local Charities, dedicating our time to raising money to causes that directly impact the local community. 

One of these Charities, Cornwall Hospice Care (CHC), have benefited greatly, from the support of our famous Pink Pub and this year is no exception. 

Pub Owner and Manager, Sally Pickles’s connection to CHC, began when she attended an event in 2011. Inspired by what she heard, Sally left having learnt about the obstacles faced by those who established the very first Hospice Care beds in Cornwall.

Shortly after, Sally had the opportunity to become involved with the challenge of a lifetime, a trek to the Everest Base Camp. Never one to shy away from a bit of hard work, Sally embarked on the Trek in November 2012 and despite not having any personal ‘reasons’ for taking part, she shared an emotional and spiritual journey with fellow trekkers whose stories left a lasting impression. 

The entire life-changing experience humbled Sally, and on returning from the trip, she decided that this was just the beginning of her business’s support for the charity. 

In 2013, we raised £5,000 through events including their annual 4-day Ale Festival,  fundraising trips and donations.

2013 was such a successful year for fundraising, thanks to the generous support from our customers...every penny made a huge difference. But this year, I’m hoping to top it!” said Sally.

Which won’t be difficult, as this year, she’ll be trekking to the top of Africa's tallest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro in September.

It’s a massive challenge I know, but I’m more than ready to face it! I’ve heard so many inspiring and moving stories that at this point, I feel so passionate, it will take more than a bit of altitude sickness and grueling conditions to stand in my way!

Taking the Rongai route to the summit at 5,895m, Sally’s hoping that customers and the local community will be as generous as ever and support her in this testing trip, and with every penny raised going to CHC, it all counts.

The annual Ale Festival will take place again across the August Bank Holiday, which will give the public the opportunity to show their support, whilst basking in the Summer sun with the Country’s finest ales.

It’s not going to be easy, but I’m determined and with everyone behind me, this year will be a record-breaking year for fundraising at The Bowgie. We are all affected by loss at some point in our lives and the talk I listened to back in 2011, proved to me made me we can all make a difference if we try” said Sally. 

Anyone wishing to sponsor Sally on her Kilimanjaro Trek can do so here at The Bowgie. 

Live, Love, Laugh at The Bowgie

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