Friday, 18 July 2014

Spectacular Storms Hits Cornwall and The Bowgie couldn't be any more alive and kicking

In the first wave of storms expected to hit the County, lighting lit up the skies across Cornwall last night and The Bowgie was no exception. 

Partial to a bit of night-time activity and loud noise, we've grown accustom to memorable nights and spectacular views. In-fact, we almost missed the thrashing of the thunder and lightning as we were busy enjoying our Famous Jam Night Melting Pot Sessions, this time with the brilliant Gerry Gillard.

Luckily, we have these awesome photos to show you just what you missed if you were curled up in bed last night...

As for our brilliant Gig Guide, with live bands throughout August, there's still plenty of time to get yourselves down here and enjoy a fun-filled night at The Bowgie.

Live, Love, Laugh at The Bowgie!

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