Monday, 22 December 2014

How to Survive Christmas Day

Let us set the scene. It’s mid-morning on Christmas day.
If you have kids you’ve been up since the crack of dawn watching them opening presents and feigning surprise when they shriek at what’s inside. This is not an easy facade to maintain whilst eating cornflakes with the pungent aroma of boiling sprouts wafting up your nose. The noise is slowly pushing you closer to the edge and you know you have to endure a whole day of this… with the added challenge of coping with your in-laws.

If you don’t have kids you haven’t been up long. You are nursing a hangover and sitting on the sofa watching The Only Fools and Horses christmas special; not because you want to watch it, but because you can’t reach the remote control.You have the sticky mess of a half chewed coffee cream (does anyone like the coffee ones?!?) stuck on your cheek and you are feeling far from festive.  You know that within the next hour or so you have to get dressed and go to your brother in-laws for christmas dinner. You will have to endure the incessant noise of children whose names you can’t remember and eat the poor excuse for a christmas dinner you will inevitably be served. 

Sound familiar? If your Christmas is lacking a bit of cheer come to the Bowgie Inn Crantock from 12 - 2 on Christmas day where we’ll be pulling pints of the stuff!

So before the family arrive or before you knock the door of your host, plan a little detour to the Bowgie to enjoy a drink, a chat and a laugh with us before the mayhem they call ‘christmas’ continues.

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