Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Star of the Christmas Play

This blog is for anyone that has ever attended a School Christmas Play.
You await the announcement of the parts with baited breath. The mothers on the playground are weighing up the competition for the lead roles with questions like ‘ Has little Johnny recovered after his virus last week? You don’t want him over doing it else he will be ill again for Christmas’. We all know that she is hoping little Johnny won’t be up to singing the solo because her son is the backup choice.

Anyway, despite the fierce competition and underhand tactics you still have your fingers crossed your child will get a lead role.

They don’t.

They get ‘Goat number 4’
Once the disappointment subsides you decide that this is going to be the best enactment of a goat anyone has ever seen… they even have to say ‘I’m a hungry goat’ so at least it’s a speaking part.
You set to work with needles, thread, fake fur, felt and wool and try to create the fantastic costume you have in your mind… after a few late nights in front of the sewing machine you decide that a brown jumper and stick on ears will have to do instead.

When the day comes you are too late to get a seat. As you stand at the back you strain to see your little goat, who has typically been stood behind a child dressed as a christmas tree so you only manage to catch a glimpse of them whenever the tree sways to the left.
They step up to read their line just as you bend down to your bag to switch off your phone that is ringing. Goat Number 4 delivers their line so fast that by the time you push silent and stand back up, it’s over.

Never mind. 

At the Bowgie Inn Crantock we know just how important your little star is (or should we say goat).

That's why our children’s menu is crammed with plenty of choices to fill up their tum post-performance. Be they a sausage or fish finger type of kid, we have the perfect option.

With food served all day weekends and between 11 and 3 and again from 5pm week days, there’s plenty of time to drop in for a pint, blackcurrant squash and a burger.

It’s also a good place to plan your strategy for getting the lead in next year’s play…

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