Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Feeling Textual

The problem with having a couple of drinks is that one seems to lose the ability to use one’s phone appropriately.
We have suggested manufacturers install a safety feature to protect inebriated users from sending embarrassing texts to the bloke you fancy, that fit bird in the office or even worse; your ex, but they are as yet unable to come up with something adequate.
At the Bowgie we look back fondly on a happy time of pay phones and pockets of change. Life was simple before texts and whoever invented picture and video messaging has a LOT to answer for.
Unfortunately the danger of drunken messaging is now part of modern life, but at the Bowgie Inn, Crantock we have thought of ways to protect you. 

1)Instead of investing in the latest smart phones, go for a less fashionable brick with no options of photos and texts limited to 150 characters.

2) Put your phone inside a briefcase with a lock code. Then put the brief case in a suit case, add a padlock then throw the key off the cliff. This isn’t totally failsafe but you would have to be pretty determined to send a text.

3)  Maybe just go out without it? We promise you’ll have a really good time here in the real world with real people having real conversations.
Option 3 is our favourite, but that’s because we like to keep it real. 

So maybe we’ll see you soon... without your phone?

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