Thursday, 9 October 2014

Kilimanjaro or Crantock?

If the trekking antics of our Sally up Kilimanjaro has inspired you to get walking, we know you are probably facing a dilemma. So to help those of you struggling to decide between a trek to Kilimanjaro or a hike around Crantock, we have compiled a few helpful facts that may aid the decision making process.
Kilimanjaro – assent to summit takes roughly 6 days.
Crantock – nice gentle circular walk in around 45 minutes.
Kilimanjaro – A third of those who attempt to climb do not make it due to severe altitude sickness.
Crantock – walker generally complete the route without any negative effects to health; unless undertaken in flipflops in which case they can suffer from blisters.
Geographic features
Kilimanjaro – actually comprises of 3 volcanic cones, one of which is still active (yikes!)
Crantock – A previous winner of Best British Beach voted for by BBC’s Coast
Kilimanjaro – food for hikers needs to be high in energy, high in protein and easy to transport.
Crantock – well, thanks to the menus at Bowgie Inn you can have almost anything you want – oh and there’s a well-stocked bar too – something Kilimanjaro is definitely lacking.

So we hope that’s been helpful! We think you'll all agree that doing the circle walk of Crantock that finishes at the Bowgie Inn in time for lunch is your best option.

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