Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hot Tea Month

You can keep your coffee beans and your mocha choca woccadoodys and don’t even come near us with a frappe or iced chai because  January is Hot Tea Month.

What better month to declare Hot Tea Month than the one immediately after nationwide excessive New Year’s Eve alcohol consumption? 

At the Bowgie we're well prepared for all  you tea heads wishing to make the most of this special month. We're not just talking about builders tea with a splash of milk and hot water. Oh no. We are far more sophisticated than that and have a huge range of Teapig teas to choose from. Those of you familiar with Teapigs know there’s a cup to suit your every mood. If you're not familiar yet here's a few suggestions we've put together based on how you may be feeling today.

Feeling like a Squashed Hedgehog?  (i.e. Feeling run down!) then a swirling mug of “Super Fruit” bursting with super berries and packed with antioxidants will give you a fruity little lift to help you get up and go.

Feeling posh? Darjeeling Earl Grey is the perfect blend to add refinement to your very soul sip by sip. It’s the best shade of grey that we know and with exotic floral tones and fresh bergamot Darjeeling Earl Grey is definitely the new black.

Feeling well, erm, smelly? Peppermint tea could be your salvation as it will give toxic breath and a dodgy stomach the elbow in no time.

So however you're feeling, come to the Bowgie Inn, Crantock, and experience Hot Tea Month with us. We’ll help you get through the rest of Janaury with a range of tasty Teapigs teas, one sip at a time.

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