Monday, 19 January 2015

Pie Pint and Pud Day

We asked our customers to share their favourite P words with us. 

They all cheered.

We did hear someone in the corner whisper something about pandas and someone else by the window say something about pyjamas but we ignored them because a) they didn’t really fit in with our promotion and b) they were tipsy.
So based on the favourite ‘p’ words of the majority of customers at the Bowgie Inn at Crantock, we’re proud to introduce to you our Pie, Pint and Pud day on the 23rd January to celebrate National Pie Day!


For just ten of your English pounds, you can enjoy a pie, a pint (or glass of wine) and any pudding from our menu. There’ll be steak and mushroom pie, steak and kidney pie, fish pie, lamb and veg pie, chicken and sweetcorn pie AND turkey and ham pie. My oh my, pie oh pie, how will you choose?

We’ll leave you mulling over that decision and we look forward to seeing you on the 23rd of January! Oh and if you want to bring a panda wearing pyjamas that’s totally up to you.

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