Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Bowgie Wall of Fame

We think it was Andy Warhol who said something along the lines that in the future everyone can be famous for 15 minutes. Well Andy, thanks to The Wall of Fame at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock, that time has come, but forget 15 minutes, those who make it to the wall will be there for longer than that! 

‘How do we get on The Wall of Fame?’ We hear you all cry. Well it’s simple. The Bowgie Inn has been the setting for many wonderful memories over the years and now we want to see yours. 

We’ve seen you with your cameras and your phones recording and snapping away to capture moments in time that made you happy when you were here at the Bowgie. It’s these moments we want you to share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

We're putting together all your best video clips, photos and memories so that whenever our giant 70 inch TV’s aren’t showing your favourite sports, we will show what you send us on Our Wall of Fame.

PLUS if you make it to the wall, you will earn yourself a treat! So BRING ON THE WALL (sorry we couldn’t help ourselves) get sharing, and come and see your special moments on the big screen.

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