Friday, 6 February 2015

Romantic Steak Night

Ketchup is red
Steak can be blue
It's Steak Night at the Bowgie
We’ve got a table for you.

Ok so we might not be the most romantic poets around but our Saturday Steak Night has become legendary in these parts and we know you all love a steak.

We also know that choosing where to go on a date can be a difficult task.

Well,  look no further than The Bowgie. It’s the perfect place to woo any day of the week, but Saturday is extra special with the scent of steak in the air.

So lads, call her up (or text her if you prefer) and tell her you are bringing her to to Bowgie on Saturday Night.
You can chow down on a tasty bit of rump or sirloin and get stuck into a side of onion rings whilst sitting opposite you, your lady will be looking at you with doe-eyes thinking she is the luckiest girl alive. Little does she know you are using date night as a ruse to allow you to enjoy a steak with pepper sauce and a cheeky bit of garlic bread. Plus we show every sporting event imaginable on our 70 inch screens so date night is getting better and better.

Don't worry boys, we won't blow your cover. We understand how strong the carnal desire for red meat can be at times. If you like, you could offer her your grilled mushrooms. That will really convince her that you bought her to The Bowgie Inn Crantock because you love her and not just because you fancied a steak. With the romantic sea views she'll be none the wiser.

Choose between two sirloins and a bottle of house red or white for £30 or an 8 oz rump for £10.50 - which is usually £13.50! Brilliant! Everyone loves a cheap Date.

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