Monday, 16 February 2015

Pancake Day

Pancakes are joyously round frisbees of happiness. Every year we see 'pancake day' on the calendar and we think 'oh yeah! I remember pancakes! I like those!'

 We see countless pancake recipes on day time TV shows oozing with sauce and dripping with maple syrup and quite frankly we can't imagine ever eating anything else ever again.Ever.

But once we've cracked a few eggs and scraped a few burnt bits of batter off the lightshade the novelty soon wears off. You never have the right fancy accompaniments in the cupboard and a tiny squirt of lemon juice just isn't quite the same. Plus can anyone remember when they bought that plastic squeezy lemon juice thing? I think it's been in the fridge since the millennium. 
Thankfully this Pancake Day the Bowgie Inn, Crantock have ensured that your pancake urge will be totally satisfied without the need for re-painting the kitchen ceiling.

From just £2.99 you can enjoy perfectly tossed pancakes topped with ice cream, sugar and lemon, chocolate sauce, maple syrup or strawberries and cream.

Then you can carry on with your life with a smile on your face until next pancake day. Don't kid yourself into thinking you'll eat them more often. We all do that. We eat a pancake and say ' these are so nice i'm going to make them all year round'. It won't happen. It will be another 365 days before the thought of eating a pancake enters your head again.

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