Monday, 23 February 2015

You Mum is Nice so Bring her to The Bowgie

10 Reasons why Mums are Nice.

  1. They smell good.
  2. They give good cuddles.
  3. They have never found wiping your nose repulsive.
  4. They would always give you their last chocolate.
  5. They have always been easy to manipulate into buying you something.
  6. They control Dad so effectively he doesn’t even realise it.
  7. They think you are at your most beautiful/ handsome in you natural, un-groomed state.
  8. They gave you your good genes (dads are responsible for the rest)
  9. They have magical powers to sense when something is wrong.
  10. They swell with pride at even your most mediocre achievements.

We think you’ll agree that our list is pretty comprehensive. We also think you’ll agree that because of the reasons above, the old dear deserves a bit of a treat this Mother’s Day.

You could send her off to the Bahamas for a luxury spa retreat but she probably wouldn’t like that; it’s not really her ‘thing’. The only thing she wants is to spend time with you. That’s why you’ll be interested to hear our Mothering Sunday Offering.

For just £15 per person (£8.50 for the littlies) your Ma can enjoy a famous Bowgie roast of either beef, pork, turkey lamb or veggie followed by a delicious dessert of chocolate fudge cake, apple crumble, treacle tart, sherry trifle, bread and butter pudding (all mums like this for some reason) or cornish vanilla ice cream.

So bring your Madré, Mama, Ma, old dear, Mom, Mam or Mummy to The Bowgie Inn, Crantock on the 15th of March for Mothering Sunday.

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