Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pie, Pint Pud and Jam Night

Every Thursday we are proud to introduce the Pie Pint Pud and Jam Night.
No, we don’t mean the strawberry variety. We mean the live music variety.

it’s a brilliant concept; our best yet. You come along anytime from 5pm and enjoy a pie pint and pudding for just £10….Then hang around for the live music jam session from 8pm.

Yep, now our Pie Pint Pud and Jam night is up and running the world seems a better place. It is almost as though we have been enlightened. THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT MY FRIENDS! Enjoying good things beginning with the letter P followed by good music.

You see, everyone likes a pie. Its the ultimate comforter and celebratory treat combined. You lost your job? Never mind, eat a pie. You’re getting married? Congratulations! Eat a pie. You can’t go wrong with a pie. But for the rare occasions when pie isn’t the answer, a pint,a pudding or some music will most certainly do the trick.

Wondering what pies are on the menu? Take a peek below:

Pies served with fries or new potatoes & vegSteak & MushroomSteak & KidneyLamb & VegetableChicken & SweetcornTurkey & HamFish pie (when available) with fries, salad & coleslaw
Cottage Pie with baked beans or peas Vegetarian Quorn Cottage pie with baked beans or peas
Puds with vanilla ice cream, custard or Cornish clotted cream

Treacle Tart
Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake
Apple Crumble
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Jam Sponge
Vanilla Ice Cream

ANY draught pint or a 175ml glass of wine
(Excludes Rattler Guinness san Miguel)

So our Pie, Pint, Pud and Jam Night has all bases covered. So come and see the light and eat the pie every Thursday from 5 at The Bowgie Inn, Crantock.

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