Monday, 9 February 2015

A Big Bond Thank you!

As you know from our recent bond night we LOVE JAMES BOND. It was this love that enabled us to raise £1120.50 for Cornwall Hospice Care.
But what is it about Bond that is so special?
For us, it has to be the Gadgets. The gadgets have always been amazeballs and without them it’s quite possible that Bond wouldn’t have made it out of the 60s. Take the ingenious seagull snorkel from Goldfinger for example.

The seventies were equally as impressive when it came to gadgets with  a magnetic watch and hairbrush transmitter making an appearance in Live and Let Die.

The 80s weren’t to be out-done with a fake crocodile craft in Octopussy and a rappelling Cummerbund in a Licence to kill.

The 90s saw Piers Brosnan sporting a pair of x-ray glasses and the 2000s didn’t disappoint with virtual reality simulators, mini pcs, ear pieces and underwater breathers.

Yep, the gadgets are good alright but there is something in this world far better than any Bond Gadget (even better than the jetpack) and that is the compassion, care and support given by everyone at Cornwall Hospice Care.

The £1120.50 that YOU helped us raise will be put to good use and will make a real difference to people living with life-limiting conditions in Cornwall. So all that’s left to say is a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the James Bond Night. You made a difference. Keep an eye out for other fun fundraising events at the Bowgie of the coming months.

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