Thursday, 27 November 2014

Funny Cocktails

We love a cocktail. We also love cocktails dresses and cocktail sausages but that’s a separate blog entirely.
The best thing about cocktails (apart from the little umbrellas) is the names.
The word ‘cocktail’ is itself bizarre, so it makes sense to keep the strangeness flowing with names like Fuzzy Naval, Sex on the Beach and Woo Woo. 

However, we’ve noticed that many people stick to what they know and feel that asking for a jug of pimms is a safe bet. 

That is true, but come on people! Live a little! Make it a Turbo Pimms at least.

We understand that you may have been somewhere and ordered an exotic sounding cocktail. You’ve watched the bar tender prepare it as if he were performing a ballet. You’ve excitedly watched as the freshly shaken liquid is poured slowly over ice and handed to you… then you’ve sipped it and… URGH! disgusting!

We’ve made sure that our cocktail menu only has nice cocktails on it, so choosing a good one is fool-proof! Although we understand your caution, we advise you throw that caution to the wind and next time you are ordering at the bar and go for something you’ve never tried before like a Caribbean Mule or a Cuba Libre. Need a bit of a pick me up? The Honey Jack Enigiser may be what you’ve been missing.

The world of cocktails is full of exciting combinations just waiting to be discovered and the Bowgie Inn Crantock is the perfect place to discover a new tipple... or two.

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