Thursday, 13 November 2014

Happy Movember

Over the last few years, the winter months have become somewhat hairer than they used to be.

It’s all thanks to fund and awareness-raising efforts in aid of mens health issues such as male cancers and associated charities. 

It’s been quite phenomenal how something as simple as a moustache can encourage men to have a feel, get em checked and see a doctor. 

We’re proud of everyone taking part in Movember and Decembeard but we are aware of the hair growing disparities between participants. Some men only have to sneeze and they have a full-on Brian Blessed whereas others have been growing a moustache since 2012 and only now have people started to notice.

We would like to encourage all Movemberians by reminding them that with facial hair it’s not how much you wear, but knowing how to wear it well. Grooming is key; we like to think that a chap has had to comb his whiskers before leaving the house and possibly even set it in place with a touch of specialist wax. You need to become more than just facial hair fund raisers, you need to succumb to the power of the tash.

At the Bowgie Inn Crantock, we’re here to support you as you get used to life with a hairy upper lip and therefore are offering a free straw with every drink purchased. Well, you wouldn’t want a soggy moustache now, would you?

Good luck guys and happy Movember!

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