Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lunch for a Fiver ends 28th November!

We have all heard older relatives exclaim in horror ‘how much?’ whenever they are handed a bill. We have all had to sit through countless rants that begin with the phrase ‘Back in my day…’

Yes we know it’s an undeniable fact that things were cheaper but it’s all relative to earnings and inflation.

Granny loves to tell us that in the 1950s the average price of a 3 bed semi was just £1000, you could buy a loaf of bread for pennies and a pint of beer for just 9p.

Yeah yeah, we’ve heard it all before, but the modern world isn’t so bad you know Granny… for instance, did you know you can enjoy lunch for a fiver at the Bowgie Inn Crantock? Even she can’t argue with value that good and she certainly wouldn’t turn her nose up at our hearty portions of cauliflower cheese, ratatouille, homemade quiche ,burgers, baked potatoes, a steak cornish pasty or a Ploughmans.

But hurry! The offer ends on the 28th November and then she will go back to her usual spiel and will probably pull some corker out of the bag like 
‘in my day I could go out with a shilling go to the pictures, fly to Paris for a shopping trip, hire a butler like Carson from Downton, get my hair done and still have change for the bus home’.

To which the only logical answer would be ‘go home Granny, you’re drunk.’

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