Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Good Things Happen Next to an Open Fire

Imagine your perfect cosy interior (go on, play along!) The chances are you are imagining a scene involving a sofa and a roaring log fire. If that is the case, you'll be pleased to know at the Bowgie Inn in Crantock, our log fire is now lit. 

Open fires are the epitome of comfort.

A radiator doesn't have the same romance as flickering flames. Gathering around a storage heater isn’t half as inspiring and even the blue flames of a gas fire only evoke a fraction of the enthusiasm as the real crackles, embers and soot of burning logs.

There is something magical about a real fire that enhances the experiences and memories that are made around it. We like to think that all of mankind's greatest achievements were planned around an open fire.

So now the darker nights are creeping closer and the winds are getting frostier, come and spend the perfect winter evening around the fire at the Bowgie. with lunches served until three and evening meals from five, you have the perfect excuse to eat, drink and be warm with us.

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